Monday, 2 March 2015

no change in test schedule

It has come to my notice that sec 3A has shifted their Prestressed concrete class to 7th lecture on Tuesday. However for this week, the class will take place as per the time table, i.e. in 8th lecture.
You may revert to previous arrangement after the mid-term examination.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

B Tech: EE-I class test shedule

A class test will be held on Tuesday, Mar 3 as per the following schedule:

Lec 7:

Sec A, G1: #404
Sec A, G2: # 405

Lec 8:

Sec B, G1: #306
Sec B, G2: #404
Sec C, G1: #206          (OCF tut has been rescheduled to Wed, Lec 7, Room 306)
Sec C, G2: # 305

The test will cover Unit-2.

Key instructions:

Entry will be restricted 10 minutes after the start of the lecture.

Bring your own pen, paper and scientific calculator. Borrowing of any kind is not allowed.

Cellphones are not to be used during the test for any purpose.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

B Tech: EE MTE syllabus

The mid term examination of EE-1 course will cover the first two units.

B Tech: EE: Unit-III-1 slides

Unit-III-1 slides

M Tech: GBD: Unit-II-2 slides

Unit-II-2 slides

B Tech. Backlog syllabus (EE)

For Env. Engg-1 backlog students.

The mid term examination will cover up to Primary Sedimentation (Units-1, 2 and part of Unit-3).

M Tech: IWM Mid Term Syllabus

The Mid Term Examination of Management of Industrial Effluents will cover Unit-1 and Unit-II-part-1. The lecture slides are already available on the blog.

M Tech: GBD: Mid-Term syllabus

The Mid Term Examination of Green Building Design will cover the first 2 units.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

M Tech: IWM test, Feb 24

There will be a test of IWM on Tuesday, Feb 24 in the 8th lecture. The location is 401 E-II.

The syllabus includes manufacturing, waste characteristics, treatment and management of Paper& Pulp, Tannery and Distillery.

M Tech: IWM slides: Unit-II-1

Unit-II-1 slides