Friday, 20 January 2017

M Tech: EHS Assignment#1

Deadline: Wednesday, Jan 25 (Env. Engg.) and Jan 28 (Construction Mgmt.)

Assignment# 1

1) Identify at least 15 avenues (process or places) each at your current or future workplace and at your home where EHS issues may arise. Suggest preventive measures for minimizing EHS issues. Also provide a justification for the RoI.

2) Identify at least 15 avenues where Ergonomics helps (or may help) your daily routine.

M Tech: Term Paper Assignment

M Tech (Env. Engg.) and Construction Mgmt. students are required to make a 1-page submission about a topic of research and a brief abstract (~ 200-300 words) discussing what they intend to do on this topic.

The topic of research or Hypothesis should be clearly stated and be focused enough.

The deadlines for submission is Wed, Jan 25.

Construction Management students can email the assignment to me at

Do note that all the submission are marked and count towards your marks for this course. The attendance for the same is also mandatory.

B Tech: Unit-I slides

Unit- I

B Tech: Test#1 next week (Jan 23-27)

Test# 1 will take place during the week of Jan 23-27, during the respective Tutorial hours, for each group. The test of group B-G2 will take place the following week (Jan 30- Feb 3).

The syllabus will include everything that has been covered so far in the lecture classes (Up to BOD).

Kindly note:

1) Students are not allowed to borrow pen/paper/scientific calculators during the test.
2) Use of cell phone is prohibited in the test.
3) No extra time will be allowed under any circumstances.
4) Any instance of cheating will result in expulsion from the test.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

B Tech: Project groups of Sec-A

The project groups and topics for CVL404 for Section-A are available here.

Students will work in their assigned groups and submit a common project report (15-20 pages, maximum) and give a short presentation (~ 10 minutes duration). The students will be marked individually based on their performance in the viva-voce examination.

The presentations will likely start from Week-4 of the term, i.e., Jan 30-Feb 3. Advance notification of the same will be posted on the blog.

The main aim of this project work is to assess your written and oral communication skills and your ability to work as a team towards a focused project and your ability to collect, synthesize and summarize available information.

The project accounts for 10 marks of your CA.

M Tech: Instruction plan of CVL676: EHS


M Tech: Term Paper

For the Term Paper Course, all the M Tech students (Env. Engg. and Construction Mgmt.) are required to submit 1-2 hypothesis for potential research. The deadline for submission is Friday (Jan 13) for Env Engg. students and Saturday (Jan 14) for Construction Mgmt. students.

Use the terminology taught in the Term Paper class to generate a potential hypothesis. Also, submit the flow chart needed to reach the final hypothesis.

The assignment size is limited to 2 sides of a single A4 size sheet.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Leftover M Tech presentations

Leftover presentations of M Tech students will be held on Nov 25, 8:45-10:30 am.