Wednesday, 23 August 2017

M Tech Env: Assignment # 1 deadlines

RET: Aug 30

W & WWT: Aug 25

M Tech: Env Engg: Project topics for ECB, RET and W & WWT

As per your choices on Aug 22, here are the project topics:


Priyanka: Arsenic
Chandrika: Lead
Vikas: Chromium
Said: Mercury

Priyanka: Tidal Energy
Chandrika: Solar Energy
Vikas: Wind Energy
Said: Hydro-electricity

W & WWT:
Priyanka/Vikas: Issues with the use of treated effluents in Irrigation and sludge as fertilizer

Chandrika/Said: Issues with the use of commercial coagulants and natural coagulants in water treatment and Industrial effluent treatment

Saturday, 19 August 2017

M Tech CM: Assignment# 1

Individual assignment
(due date: Aug 26, 2017)

1) What is the necessity of Green Buildings in a developing economy like India? Discuss in light of the economic constraints and the tangible (and intangible) benefits of Green Buildings. (Max limit: 1 page- 2 sides of an A4 paper)

2) Apart from free FAR and faster clearance, what other steps can be taken by the government to promote green building certification in India? (Max limit: 1 side of an A4 paper)

M Tech: CM: Project

As was decided during the class today, the project groups and associated building are:

1) Mandela Hostel: Muzamil/ Pawan
2) Dental Building: S. Kumar/ Kaushik
3) Student Rec center: Ashish/ Shahnawaz
4)  PGDM building (Block-VII): Yawer/ Mushtaq

Project description:

In the project, the group will act as consultants for Green Building Certification. The group will study the baseline scenario for their chosen building, for a particular Green Building Certification (LEED/IGBC/GRIHA). Then, the group will determine alternate scenario for achieving different levels of the particular rating system (silver/gold/platinum for LEED and IGBC or 1 star to 5 star for GRIHA) and present some capital & operational cost scenario as well.

Deadline #1: Presentation of baseline scenario for the assigned building.: Sep 9, 2017

M Tech: CM: Unit-I slides

Unit-I slides