Monday, 13 April 2015

B Tech: Final Class test schedule

A final class test of Env Engg-I will be conducted as per the following schedule.

Sec A: Mon, Apr 20
Sec B: Tuesday, Apr 21
Sec C: Wed, Apr 22

The test will be conducted during the scheduled lecture hours. The test will cover the topics of Population Forecasting and Water Treatment.

The following stipulations will have to be followed during the test:

1.) You will bring your own paper, pen and calculator. No Borrowing is allowed.
2) Cellphones are not allowed.
3) If you are caught cheating, the score for this test and the next best attempt will be made ZERO. No discussion is allowed on this point. Cheating will include talking to each other, copying from someone, using reference material and disturbing the class.
4) If you are late by more than 5 minutes (or 15 minute in case of Sec C, due to first lecture), you will not be allowed entry into the class.
5) No substitute test will be taken.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

B Tech: EE-I: Project assignment

Given the variable amount of project work carried out by many of you, it has been decided that you will submit individual hand-written project reports.

Due Date: Monday, Apr 20 (No late submissions will be entertained, under any circumstances)

Submit your reflection on the water supply, water quality and sanitation conditions in India or any other developing country, you are resident of. Also comment on the awareness level and willingness of people to adopt safer and healthier options like sewers and treated drinking water. Suggest ideas to improve the WASH (water supply and hygiene) level of residents of developing countries. You may want to go through the following literature for some ideas.

Your answers should be based on your own data collected through WASH survey.

Max. Length of assignment: 4 A4 pages.
Only Handwritten reports will be accepted.

Also include a list of your respondents (names and addresses), who filled the data on your behalf.
Only the data filled up to Apr 5 will be considered.

Relevant literature:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

M Tech: IWM: Presentation schedule

The presentation schedule for IWM course is as follows:

Apr 14:: Nikhil, Fahad, Amrit
Apr 16: Abhay, Mohsin, Shishir
Apr 17: Swati, Asim

Keep the presentation to about 10 minutes duration.