Saturday, 25 February 2017

B Tech: Test# 3 during the week of Feb 27-Mar 3

Test# 3 will take place during the regular tutorial hours during the week of Feb 27-Mar 3. The syllabus for section A is the entire unit on Suspended Growth Systems, while for Sec-B, the syllabus is limited to everything up to (and including) ASP.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

B Tech: Project presentations of Groups 7 & 8 on March 1

Groups 7 & 8 will make presentations on their assigned topics on Wednesday, Mar 1, lec#8 in room#104.

M Tech: Term Paper submissions

It has been observed that very few students are submitting the assignments for the Term Paper course. This week all the students (from both Env. Engg. and Construction Mgmt.) are supposed to submit the Literature Review section. This should have been preceded by Introduction Section, Abstract, Hypothesis selection.

Late submissions not only carry penalty but may or may not be evaluated in-depth.

It is strongly suggested that you stick to the deadlines.

M Tech: Env Engg: MIE presentations on March 2

The assignment presentations for the Mgmt. of Ind. Effluents course will take place during the lecture hours on Thursday, March 2. You will also be required to submit a well-referenced group project report along with your presentation.

B Tech: Secondary treatment-suspended growth system slides

Secondary treatment-suspended growth system slides

Thursday, 16 February 2017

B Tech: Project group changes for grp. 13 & 14

Shehroze will join group#13 and Adarsh Jha will join Group# 14 for their projects of CVL404.

Monday, 13 February 2017

B Tech: Project Presentation by Groups 3 & 4

Project presentations of groups 3 & 4 will be on Wednesday, Feb 15. The location is room# 104, during 8th lecture. Groups 5 & 6 will be presenting on Feb 22.

Keep in mind the following:

1) Keep the presentation to 15 minutes maximum.
2) You are required to submit 1 copy of project report at the time of presentation.
3) Your work should describe the process, its mechanism, its advantages/disadvantages and design criteria. You may include a case study if you so wish.
4) Kindly stick to the report format available in 1st set of slides for the course.
5) The students will be marked for their individual performance and not for the group's performance.

Best wishes

M Tech: MIE Assignment

The following topics are provided for Group assignment.

Wool (5 students)
Rayon (4 students)
Silk and Jute (2 students)

You are free to choose your own group members. You have 2 weeks time to prepare a group report and presentation. Your work should include the manufacturing process used, characteristics of the waste stream from each pertinent unit operation, characteristics of the composite waste, the threat to the environment by the disposal of untreated waste and the curative and preventive measures that one can employ.

The report should be kept to about 15 pages and the duration of presentation shall be 10-15 min. Report and presentation are due during the week of Feb 27.