Monday, 25 April 2016

Sec C: Lab notebooks and viva

Lab notebooks will be evaluated during the regular lab hours. Group G1 will also have their viva during the lab hours.


Any left over presentations will take place during the respective class lecture hours.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Test #6 schedule for next week

Test# 6 will take place during regular tutorial hours. The test will cover Mass-curve method.

Kindly note that all the students who attempt test#6 will be graded based on 4 best out of 6 tests. All other students will be evaluated based on 3 best out of 5.

Presentation schedule for next week, April 25-29

Sec B: Any remaining groups on Mon, during class lecture

Sec C: any remaining groups on Tue, during class lecture

EE Lab of Sec C-G1

EE Lab of Sec C, group G1 will take place on Friday, April 22, during lecture 4.

TDS and residual chlorine testing will be done.

Mass curve method slides

Mass curve method slides

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Updated Project presentation schedule

Sec A: any remaining group: Fri, during class lecture

Sec B:
Grp. 7 & 9: Thursday, Apr 21, class lecture
Grp. 10 & 11: Friday, Apr 22, Class lecture

Sec C:
Grp. 8 & 9: Tue, Apr 19, Class lecture
Grp. 10 & 11: Thursday, Apr 21, class lecture

Updated Test schedule for C-G1 and A-G1

The test#5 of C-G1 ans A-G1 will take place as per the following schedule:

C-G1: Monday, 8th lecture, room #105
A-G1: Thursday, 1st lecture, room 205