Monday, 13 November 2017

ECB Project assignment: Data & questions

For the ECB project, you are required to use Visual MINTEQ freeware for aqueous speciation.
For the project use the following concentration of species:

Ionic strength= 0.05 M

Fe(III) = 20 ppm
Fe(II) = 20 ppm
Cd(IV) = 15 ppm
Hg = 5 ppm
Cr(IV) = 10 ppm
As(IV) = 10 ppm
Carbonate = 25 ppm
Bicarbonate = 15 ppm
Sulfate = 12 ppm
silicate = 15 ppm
chloride = 35ppm

For your specific heavy metal:

1) List the major species (of your specific metal) at each pH level (pH =1 to 14). Major species is defined as something with >10% concentration.
2) Draw the pC-pH diagram of your particular species.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

RET: Assignment#4

Due Date: Oct 25, 2017

For your own home, compute the AC and DC load requirements and design a) stand-alone and (b) grid-connected PV array along with all the appurtenant devices. You may use the same specifications for the devices as used in the class examples.

RET: Solar array design slides


Thursday, 21 September 2017

M Tech: Env Engg: Test schedule for week of Sep 25-29

WWWT Test 1: Source, demand, characteristics, forecasting
ECB: Test 1: Air-water, acid-base, ppt-dissolution reactions, ECB basics


WWWT: Test 2: Water Treatment
RET: Test 1: Mechanism, global outlook, history, basics of RET

RET: Test 2: Characterization, materials, manufacturing, appurtenances


ECB: Test 2: Complexation reactions, Redox Chemistry

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

W & WWT : water treatment-2 slides

Water treatment-2 slides

M Tech: Env: ECB Assignment# 4

Assignment# 4

Deadline: Sep 29, 2017

For the Fe(III) in water problem discussed in the Complexation slides, assume a 10^-9 M Fe(III) aqueous solution. Draw the pC-pH diagram for all the Fe species in the solution.

Online submissions are preferred for the calculation and pC-pH plots.
You may submit the chemical equations and mathematical simplification parts in hard copy.

M Tech: Env Engg: ECB: Complexation slides

Complexation slides