Thursday, 13 April 2017

M Tech: EHS: Unit-V slides

Unit-V slides

M Tech: MIE presentations: April 18-21

MIE presentations of M Tech (Env Engg) will take place during the week of April 18-21. The topics were selected by students and here is a listing of them:

Sugar Industry: Priya/Swati/Mimangsha
Dairy Industry: Abhishek/Abrar
Cement Industry: Aarif/Raiees
Kiln Industry: Umer/Rouf

B Tech: Unit-V- Sewer Slides


Thursday, 6 April 2017

B Tech: Test# 5 & 6

Test# 5 and 6 will take place during the weeks of Apr 17-21 and Apr 24-28, respectively, during the regular tutorial hours.


Test# 5: RBC, Anaerobic digestors, N/P removal, sludge disposal, treated wastewater reuse
Test# 6: Sewers

M Tech: Term Paper Presentations

Term Paper Presentations of M Tech students will take place as per the following schedule:

M Tech (Construction Mgmt): Sat, April 22: 9 am- onwards
M Tech (Env Engg): Fri, April 21- Wed, April 26: during the regular lecture hours

The presentation will have a duration of 15 minutes each and the students are required to submit a complete thesis along with it. The maximum length of the thesis is 50 pages (including all the sections). The format of the thesis has already been shared with all of you. The thesis will need to be accompanied by a Plagiarism check of each chapter.

M Tech: EHS course presentations

The presentations or EHS course project will take place as following:

M Tech (Construction Management): Saturday, April 15: 9 am- onwards

M Tech (Environmental Engineering): Tue, April 18-Thursday, April 20: during regular class hours.

The group presentations will have a duration of 15 minutes each and the students are also required to submit a project report (Max. length: 20 pages), along with the presentation.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Test-4 A-G1 on wed Apr 5

Test#4 for A-G1 will take place during lecture 8 on wed, Apr 5 in room 104.